Just as our privacy and security are concerns of ours, your privacy and security are also of concern to us.

We are in the business of manufacturing and selling Quality Products. We do not sell information. Therefore we WILL NOT sell, divulge, or otherwise share your name or the fact that you have browsed or purchased from our site to anyone for any purpose whatsoever! Although any good webmaster has the ability to collect email addresses of visitors, unless you use the contact form, order form or join our mailing list and send information to us, we do not know who you are. We DO NOT collect your address. We may use cookies to let us know if we have return visitors, however we do not know who those return viewers are. We only know that someone has visited our site two or more times.

In the future we my gather certain information suchas how one came into our site; i.e., search term, bookmark or direct, etc.; what pages were viewed; and what browser was used; i.e.,, ATT, etc. This information will be used within our organization to gauge search engine effectiveness and the popularity of each of our pages. This information is not given, sold or otherwise divulged to third parties. Any questions about this policy may be emailed to