1.SPECIAL ORDERS: most of the products sold on this web site are custom made to our customers specifications and are, therefore special orders. Once a special order has been entered into our system it can not be changed nor cancelled; therefore please be careful in measuring and fabric selection.

2. RETURNS: We have been manufacturing top quality cushions for over 15 years using quality fabrics, threads and fillers. In the process of manufacturing, there can be a slight variations in the materials that slightly affect the finished sizes. Such variations do not affect the application and are acceptable within our standards and cannot be the reason for a return. If you cannot accept such as a term and condition of your order, do not order from us! special orders that are made to the specifications provided on the order form cannot be returned nor will they be subject to any allowances or credits.

3. GUARANTEES: we guarantee the products that we manufacture such as cushions and umbrella fabric tops. See our guarantee for details. We do not guarantee umbrella frames nor furniture nor products made by other manufactures as their guarantee, terms and conditions apply.

4. DELIVERY TIMES: we normally ship within 4 to 6 weeks after an order has been accepted by us. Occasionally, due to fabric shortages and order input, deliveries can be delayed. We will strive to notify you via email of any known fabric delays to determine if another fabric can be substituted. We do not promise delivery exact delivery dates. Approximate delivery dates we provide are based upon us receiving timely goods and supplies from our supplier. If said goods and supplies are delayed, such does not constitute grounds for cancellation nor concessions.

5. SHIPPING, HANDLING AND TAXES: on orders shipped by UPS or a similar service, shipping and handling charges will be added to the order and therefore shipped prepaid. Since cushions are bulky, most are shipped as oversized 30lb rate. Larger items are shipped by common carrier and delivery charges are collected at time of delivery. Estimated delivery charges are provided in good faith, but may vary. We do not guarantee delivery charges nor are we responsible any additional charges nor fees invoke by the carrier. Sales tax may apply for shipments delivered to addresses within California only. If use tax is charged by your state for items purchased in another state, it is your responsibility to repot and pay any such taxes.

6. DELIVERY AND DAMAGE. It is highly unlikely of any damage to shipped cushions if the package is intact; nevertheless all orders should be inspected upon arrival. Any damage must be noted on the Bill of Laden.