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1 Piece Chair Slings Set (2 SLINGS)

1 Piece Chair Slings Set (2  SLINGS)

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CAUTION:Before ordering replacement slings, carefully inspect your patio furniture frames and check the screws that attach the sling rails to the frame to make sure they can be removed. If you have cracked welds, frozen screws, rust, peeling paint, then you should consider new furniture. Slings are not easy to install; therefore if you are not handy or do not have someone that is, rethink your decision.

HOW TO MEASURE YOUR SLINGS.Measure a properly installed sling. Do not take out the sling and measure an uninstalled sling. Use a cloth tape and measure the sling length from top to bottom by running the tape along the sling rail carefully following the curves or bends from end to end. Write the length down and then measure again to verify. Next, approximately 5 inches down measure the width of the sling from center rail to center rail. Write the top width down and then measure across near the bottom, Write down the bottom width. Check you measurement. If you have removed the slings, then install the sling rails and measure the frame as if the sling was installed.

( is a good source on how to install and measure. Research before you order.)

Slings made to your specifications are not returnable and no allowances nor refunds will be authorized.